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Orlando Toilet Plumbing Part 2

More Toilet Plumbing Problems And Solutions In Orlando A Partial Toilet Flush Your flapper valve could be lowering too quickly or it may be waterlogged. Remove the lid to the tank. Flush your toilet and observe the flapper as it operates. It should remain in a raised position while most of the water drains out […]

Orlando Toilet Plumbing Part 1

Common Toilet Plumbing Problems And Their Solutions In Orlando: Part 1 We get questions about common toilet plumbing problems all the time, so we decided we would post a few of those problems and their solutions. A Weak Flush Older toilets that were manufactured before 1994 may be prone to collecting hard water deposits. Check the siphon […]

Orlando Kitchen Sink Plumbing Continued…

Kitchen Sink Plumbing Continued: Unclogging A Double-Sided Sink In the last installment of our blog, we looked at how to unclog a single basin sink as part of our glance at kitchen sink plumbing, so this week, we’ll take a quick look at how to unclog a double-sided sink. Again, this is pretty easy stuff. Knowing […]

Kitchen Sink Plumbing In Orlando

Kitchen Sink Plumbing Knowing a thing or two about kitchen sink plumbing can be a huge help. Unclogging a kitchen sink that is backed up is similar to unclogging any other drain.  The variable may be whether you have a two sided sink or not.  The tools needed will be a plunger, a rag, and maybe an […]

How Your Hot Water Heater Works

How Your Water Heater Works   Folks often take their water heater for granted.  That is, they take it for granted until it goes out.  Somehow, that usually happens early in the A.M. or sometime on Sunday, but that’s another story.  Hot water loss is the number 1 plumbing complaint, so we may not notice […]

How To Drain A Water Heater In Orlando

How To Drain A Water Heater The water heater is something most everyone takes for granted…until it stops working. To help keep that from happening, you can occasionally maintenance your water heater to increase its longevity. One simple thing you can do annually is drain your water heater, and this article will take you through the process of how to […]

The Clear Advantages Of Hiring A Licensed Plumber

The Benefits Of Hiring A Licensed Plumber Do you know if your plumber is fully licensed? Hiring a licensed plumber is an extremely important decision.  We understand that it’s important for you to save money, but when it comes to hiring a plumber who isn’t licensed, it’s not a discount of which you want to […]

Some Common Water Heater Problems

Some Common Water Heater Problems Water heater problems can be enough to make you go crazy at times. Understanding the causes of some common problems is the first step to coming up with solutions, so we’ve put together this quick guide of common water heater problems to help you find some peace of mind with […]

Tips For Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Methods For Kitchen Sink Plumbing Kitchen sink plumbing is something that we will all have to do at one time or another. Clogs are common. The good news is that they do not always indicate a more serious systemic problem. Here are four methods of kitchen sink plumbing, ranked from easiest to hardest. Plunger– Often […]

Toilet Plumbing Tips

Toilet Plumbing: Some Symptoms To Watch For If Your Toilet Is Being Temperamental A toilet is a household fixture that is used often and, as such, will probably need minor repairs during its life. Thankfully these fixtures have a straightforward design and are typically quite simple to fix.  The following list describes some common problems […]