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Cold Weather Clogged Drains

How Cold Weather Can Cause Clogged Drains   Even though we’re fortunate to live in relatively warm climate year-round here in Orlando, it’s occasionally important to know preventive steps to keep your pipes from freezing. Sub-freezing climates can potentially affect your plumbing negatively in several ways, including causing clogged drains during. Conversely, a seemingly minor […]

Total Plumbing Orlando: Your Orlando Experts for All Your Drain Cleaning Issues

Some Methods And Tools Plumbers Use To Clear Orlando Drain Clogs We are your Orlando experts for all drain and line clogs.  Well-versed in every available method, whether it be an old reliable standby or a newer, advanced technique, we understand when each procedure is appropriate.  We also prize maintaining a highly ethical, customer-centered standard.  […]

Re-piping, a Solution to Leaks

Leaks are more than an annoyance, they can be a symptom of serious plumbing problems requiring your home to undergo repiping. Repiping is the process where older plumbing pipes are replaced by new pipes. In some cases the entire plumbing structure may need to be reworked. Why Homes Need Re-piping Older homes frequently need repiping. Often leaks will […]

Why Hire a Licensed Orlando Plumber for Leaks?

That slow drip in the sink may be easy to ignore, but it shouldn’t be;  leaking faucets and pipes should be taken care of by a licensed Orlando plumber as soon as possible. Homeowners often make the mistake of trying to patch up leaks themselves or hire unlicensed handymen. Mold and mildew can develop when a leak […]

Common Plumbing Needs in Your Home

With home ownership come many responsibilities; one of the most common aspects that most property owners have to deal with is the plumbing needs of the building. The different types of situations that may require a plumber are as varied as the causes of the situation. Whether you’re simply looking to update your water system to […]

Plumber Services: Total Plumbing Orlando Provides The Total Package

Homeowners usually end up needing plumber services because a plumbing emergency arises suddenly. Orlando homeowners don’t have to worry about who to call because Total Plumbing Orlando is ready when you need us. Some common situations that require plumber services include: When your old pipes are ready to retire, Total Plumbing Orlando is a re-pipe specialist ready to replace worn […]