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Will My Drywall be Ruined by Water Damage

The question is asked all the time about whether flooding or water leaks will ruin the drywall in our home?  The short answer is yes, it will. Drywall water damage is quite a common result of leaking and flooding. Drywall is called by several names. It may be called gypsum board because of the main ingredient, gypsum. […]

Five Things to Consider When Hiring an Orlando Plumber

We would all like to have a worry free, no problems life without any major stress. Nevertheless, we all know that sometimes it is just not possible. Plumbing problems, like water leaks or drain clogs, will happen and somehow they happen at the most inconvenient time. What do you do when a plumbing disaster strikes? […]

Help! I Need Flood Repair

Flooding in your home is not something that should be taken lightly. There are many problems, even dangers, that result from house flooding; therefore, flood repair and restoration should be performed immediately. Most homeowners are not equipped to do a safe and effective restoration. While some equipment can be rented, there is more to major restoration than […]

Plumbing Leaks May Mean It’s Time for Repiping

Polybutylene piping can be the cause of plumbing leaks in your Orlando home. Polybutylene pipe was once touted as the pipe of the future because it was easy to install and the cost of the material was inexpensive compared to other materials. However, it has been found that this “miracle” plumbing material has turned out to be […]

Got a Leak? Plumbing Re-piping Might Be Necessary

One thing that every homeowner dreads is leaky water pipes. Leaking pipes can force the water utility bill to skyrocket. Unfortunately, many leaks are not even discovered until the hefty bill arrives because they may be hidden underground or in the house slab. While the individual leaks can be repaired as they happen, multiple leaks […]

How to Properly Load a Dishwasher

We all load our dishwashers, perhaps more than once a day, but we usually just shove the dishes into the machine as quickly as possible. Rarely does one stop to analyze the best way to load a dishwasher. But we at Total Plumbing Orlando suggest there is a method behind the madness, and by implementing […]

When Should You Replace Your Old Dishwasher?

How do you know when it’s time to replace your aging dishwasher? The simple answer is to replace it when it completely stops working, but that can leave you in a tight bind. A dead dishwasher is particularly inconvenient when you are hosting a family reunion, or if you are the lucky one hosting Easter dinner for […]

How To Buy A Kitchen Sink Drain Kit

A kitchen sink plumbing job that is very common is to replace the sink drain. This requires the homeowner to purchase a kitchen sink drain kit. When buying a kitchen sink drain kit for your kitchen sink plumbing job, keep in mind that almost all of the hardware you’ll need is included. Sink drain kits generally include all […]

House Re-piping is Common For Florida Homes

There are several indicators that your home may need to have the water piping replaced. House repiping is fairly common for Florida homes, especially if they were built before 1970. Houses built during that time were commonly plumbed with galvanized iron pipe. Galvanized pipe is iron pipe that has been coated with zinc to prevent corrosion. Zinc […]

Kitchen Sink Plumbing 201: Install a Faucet With a Sprayer

It is common in kitchen sink plumbing for sinks to have a sprayer, either attached to it or as part of a sink. This article will show you how to install this specific type of faucet. If you have any questions throughout the process, feel free to contact Total Plumbing Orlando to speak to a professional. Materials You’ll […]