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Bath Plumbing 201: Installing a Single-Body Faucet

Now that you have learned how to uninstall the faucet in your bathroom or bedroom, in-bath plumbing 201 it’s time to replace it with the new one! This article will guide you through the installation of a single-body faucet. Materials You Will Need: Basin Wrench Heat-proof grease Loctite Plumber’s Putty Caulk Bath Plumbing Instructions: Ensure that you […]

Bath Plumbing 201: Choosing a New Toilet

If you are ready to upgrade your bath plumbing, toilets have come a long way in the last decade, and have improved significantly, both aesthetically and environmentally. The new generation of toilets have been designed to be more efficient, durable, and less susceptible to clogs than older toilets. In addition, each toilet must pass the 1.6 […]

Plumbing Leaks Point to a Need for House Repiping

Many people fail to consider plumbing leaks while home shopping because they look at a house as a whole, completed unit unless they either are building a new home or looking to buy a used house. The prospective homeowner, either of the new or used building, ultimately has to concern themselves with the electrical system, the heating […]

Basic Plumbing Skills: How to Remove a Faucet

Removing the old faucet in your kitchen or bathroom is a relatively simple plumbing job if you have the right tools, instructions, and a little patience. While you can alwayscontact a professional for any of your plumbing needs, those with a DIY attitude can tackle this project easily. It is important, though, that you follow these instructions carefully […]

Kitchen Sink Plumbing 101: Choosing a New Kitchen Faucet

A kitchen sink plumbing fact is that a new kitchen faucet can improve the look of your entire kitchen and improve the functionality of your day to day life. Before you buy, there are a few things you should consider. Styles and types range from simple to extravagant, black to white, and one handle to several. Sometimes the […]

Bath Plumbing 101: How To Replace Your New Toilet in Less Than a Day

Replacing your toilet, a common bath plumbingproject, is easy when you know what to do. Generally, the procedure should take less than a day to finish. By doing it yourself, you can save yourself a substantial amount of money. It’s important, though, to ensure that you follow these instructions carefully so that you don’t accidentally flood your […]