Cold Weather Clogged Drains

How Cold Weather Can Cause Clogged Drains


Even though we’re fortunate to live in relatively warm climate year-round here in Orlando, it’s occasionally important to know preventive steps to keep your pipes from freezing. Sub-freezing climates can potentially affect your plumbing negatively in several ways, including causing clogged drains during. Conversely, a seemingly minor drain clog in conjunction with other plumbing problems may also cause extensive plumbing damage.

Frozen Pipes Causing A Clogged Drain?


Freezing pipes is the most obvious way that drains can clog during cold winter.  The moisture in the sewer lines freezes causing lines to back up or drain slowly. In previous blogs, we discussed ways to keep your home’s pipes from freezing and how to winterize your plumbing. It’s very important to take measures to keep your pipes from freezing, both from a financial standpoint and from a health perspective. Plumbing disasters during the winter months can be particularly vicious and detrimental to your health.  At the very least, clogs can cause sewer gases to back up into the home. Remember:

  • Always let your taps drip on nights when temperatures dip below the freezing point
  • Insulate your pipes

Gurgling Sound? Your Plumbing Vents Might Be Frozen, Causing A Clogged Drain


If you happen to notice a gurgling sound coming from your drains when you flush the toilet, be aware that this may be indicative of ice or snow blocking the sewer vents. If you are at all confused as to where the problem is originating, give Total Plumbing Orlando a call and we will come out and survey your problem. If the problem is rooted in a blocked sewer vent, then that will require climbing on the roof to clear it.

You can help prevent plumbing vents from freezing by:

•    Wrapping foil-back insulation around the stack that passes through a vented attic space to reduce       frost build-up.
•    Wrapping thermostatically controlled heat tape around the vent if the pipe is accessible.

Orlando Clogged Drains


In cold weather, grease or oil hardens in your pipes. Therefore it is more likely that there will be drain clogs in the pipes. If you suspect the drainpipes have frozen, pouring hot or even boiling water down the drain should eliminate the ice blockage.

If you are having a winter emergency, including drain clogs in Orlando, give us a call at Total Plumbing Orlando. Even if you simply want to ask us a question about winterizing your home’s pipes, we’re more than happy to chew the fat  a while. We love getting to know our Orlando neighbors!

Plumber’s Advice On How Can I Prevent Clogged Drains in Orlando?

Plumber’s Advice On How Can I Prevent Clogged Drains in Orlando?

Every once in a while, we all contend with a clogged drain.  Clogged drains may be significant indicators of something seriously wrong with your drains and sewer pipes, or they may simply be temporary blockages caused by easily removed obstructions.  Whatever the case may be, there are preventive steps you can take to decrease the likelihood that you will have to deal with clogs.

What Things Should Not Be Rinsed or Flushed To Prevent Clogged Drains?

  • Avoid Grease and Oil – Do not let these go down drains or into your garbage disposal.  As you know, grease congeals as it cools and oil does not break down quickly.  Lard, meat fats, shortening, cooking oil, butter, margarine, sauces and dairy products are all potentially clog-causing agents.  They also produce bad odors as spoilage sets in.
  • Hair – This is one type of clog with which we’re all familiar.  Ideally, the only thing you want going down the lavatory or tub/shower drain is soap and shaving cream – and, well, water of course – even razor stubble will accumulate.  Wipe your sink and tub out, clearing as much of any hair that remains.  In the sink, hair that is rinsed down the drain will collect around the pop-up stopper that is used to plug and fill the sink.  Occasionally pulling the pop-up stopper out of the drain hole and cleaning it will keep hair clogs away.  Similarly, in the shower or tub hair will gather at the drain grate.  It should also be pulled and cleaned.
  • Regular maintenance –  Maintenance is also a wise idea to keep your drains free from debris and in proper repair.  Occasionally let hot water run through your drains and pipes.  Both the constant water pressure and heat help free your pipes from drains.  It’s also a good method for keeping those foul odors away.  To break down grease deposits, odors and hard water deposits, pour a handful of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) down the drain and chase it with hot water.  Do it weekly.  There are other, stronger mixtures as well.  Baking soda and salt, a cup each, and ¼ cup of cream of tartar is an excellent natural drain and pipe cleaner.  Use a quarter cup of the solution.  You can also pour some lemon juice in your drain and let it stand for about 30 minutes to help clear your drain and deodorize it.

Total Plumbing Orlando – Your Answer For Clogged Drains

If you have a clogged drain and you can’t effectively clean it, give us a call for a free evaluation.

Total Plumbing Orlando: Your Orlando Experts for All Your Drain Cleaning Issues

Some Methods And Tools Plumbers Use To Clear Orlando Drain Clogs

We are your Orlando experts for all drain and line clogs.  Well-versed in every available method, whether it be an old reliable standby or a newer, advanced technique, we understand when each procedure is appropriate.  We also prize maintaining a highly ethical, customer-centered standard.  Our total knowledge of our industry paired with our reliability and honest customer service means we pass along to you value and expertise.


Knowing When You Have A Serious Clog

If your clog is confined to one drain, then it probably is not that big of a deal.  But if you find water pooling up around several drains in your house, and perhaps there is an odor that could be associated with it, then you probably have a systemic clog.  In that case, call on your Orlando experts to professionally diagnose and efficiently solve your plumbing problems.

The Drain Snake

Drain snake machine cleaning is probably one of the most recognizable tools  we use to clear clogs.  Drain snaking, also known as rooting, as an auger has been around for years.  The drain snake auger is essentially a corkscrew-shaped auger attached at the end of a bendable metal cable.  The majority of drain snakes around today are machine drain snakes, powered by electricity.  It rotates in the clogged drain until it hits the obstruction, at which point the corkscrew will scrape away the clog.  It is especially effective when used in conjunction with video inspection.  We highly recommend the combination.  Call your Orlando professionals for further details.

Cable Cleaning

Toilet drains are sometimes overwhelmed with toilet paper and even the occasional kid’s toy. Total Plumbing can solve the problem with a machine that feeds a spinning cable into the toilet drain. The cable has special spring loaded blades on the tip that will cut through any obstruction while hugging the inside wall of the pipe and thoroughly cleaning it to restore full drainage and powerful flushes.

Total Plumbing Orlando: Your Source For Ethical, Professional And Expert Plumbing

There are no other more qualified plumbers in Orlando to solve your plumbing issues than Total Plumbing Orlando.  Our vast experience, ingenuity, creative thinking and understanding of our trade surpasses our competition. Every time!  In Orlando, there is only one choice!

Orlando Water Leaks? Total Plumbing Orlando Has A Few Pointers For You

Orlando Water Leaks? Total Plumbing Orlando Has A Few Pointers For You

Water leaks are inevitable. At Total Plumbing Orlando we can fix any leak you may have, but we would like to help you do it yourself if possible. Some of the most common complaints about leaks are:

  • Leaking Sink Fixtures or Dripping Faucets
  • Leaking Water Heaters
  • Running Toilets
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Frozen Pipes

Running Toilet

Probably the most common complaint about water leaks are running toilets. If you’re having this problem it most likely means that there is an internal part that needs to be replaced. Check to see if your parts are old by dropping some food coloring into the tank and waiting half an hour. If there is color in the bowl, you have a leak from the tank.

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets are right up there with running toilets when it comes to ordinary leak complaints. A very simple thing you can do to help prevent this annoyance is to gently turn on the water. Dripping faucets typically mean that the washers’ best days are behind them. They most likely need replacing. If you have recently remodeled and installed the fixtures yourself and cannot get the leaks to stop, call us at Total Plumbing Orlando and we’ll help you solve this irritating problem.

Leaking Water Heater

  • If you have a leaky water heater, it’s probably time to replace it because it probably means the storage tank is rusting and/or corroding.

Bursting Pipes In Winter

Here in Orlando we rarely have to worry about our pipes freezing, but there are those occasions when it drops below 32 degrees. If hoses and pipes aren’t drained and temperatures drop below freezing, any water present inside will turn to ice and possibly expand causing the pipe, whether it made from plastic or metal, to burst. When the temperature rises, there are going to be leaks.

Total Plumbing Orlando wants to remind you that though we live in sunny Florida, there are a few times each year you will want to gently run your water fixtures to avoid these problems. Connections That Are Leaking Other common places to find a water leak is wherever you have a connection between a hose and a fitting. This can occur between the connections on a:

• Toilet tank

• Sink

• Water heater

• Washing machine

• Refrigerator

• Dishwasher

It is possible that all you need to do is simply to tighten the connection, or put some plumber’s tape around it. Water leaks are easily solved in the majority of cases, and in most of those cases, you, the renter or homeowner, can fix that irritating problem with ease. If you do have a problem you can’t tackle, the pros at Total Plumbing Orlando is your number one plumbing company for all your needs.

Orlando: Do You Have Questions About Using Caustic Chemicals To Clear Clogged Drains?

Here at Total Plumbing Orlando, we often get asked about the caustic drain cleaners you can buy yourself at just about any store, so we compiled the following list of things to keep in mind if you choose to try and unclog a drain in Orlando yourself.

  1. Caustic drain openers are fine for minor clogs, but they should not be used for major clogs.  They can get trapped in your pipes and cause serious damage.
  2. Do not ignore the danger of drain openers mixing with other chemicals.  There have been reported cases where a chemical eruption occurred due to mixing.  This can cause severe chemical burns and blindness.  If you do not know for sure what other chemicals might be present in the pipe, you should probably not try fixing the problem chemically.  If you can’t snake the drain yourself, call the helpful professionals at Total Plumbing Orlando.
  3. Repeated use of drain openers simply means you have a more serious, systemic problem with your sewer lines.  It is definitely not advisable to keep pouring them (or your money) down the drain.  It’s not cost-effective and it’s a potential health threat.
  4. It’s long been affirmed that these chemicals run off into groundwater and can potentially find themselves back in the potable water supply.  So again, if it’s a minor clog, it’s probably OK to use it in a pinch.  However, if you are concerned with our environment, you might want to stick to methods like hot water and hand-snaking first.

Remember, caustic chemicals are potentially dangerous. Always keep them out of reach from children. If you have any reservations about a clogged drain in Orlando, Seminole or surrounding areas, give Total Plumbing Orlando a call for a fast, friendly and thoroughly professional assessment of your Orlando drain clog.

Re-piping, a Solution to Leaks

Leaks are more than an annoyance, they can be a symptom of serious plumbing problems requiring your home to undergo repiping.

Repiping is the process where older plumbing pipes are replaced by new pipes. In some cases the entire plumbing structure may need to be reworked.

Why Homes Need Re-piping

Older homes frequently need repiping. Often leaks will occur in multiple locations or continue to occur, despite numerous repairs. Homeowners can spend a small fortune trying to repair this plumbing as it fails. Homeowners may also find that the plumbing is not up to current safety code.

Older plumbing may also have several points where the pipes are deteriorating. Under these circumstances, the only solution is the repiping of your home.

Homes that are exposed to freezing temperatures may also need repiping. Freezing temperatures can create hair line fractures in pipes that may run the entire length of the pipe. Sometimes these pipes are run on exterior walls and even if they are fixed and replaced, it will occur again when the temperatures drop. Repiping these homes should include bringing the pipes to interior spaces to help keep them from freezing. Leaks that develop because of freezing temperatures can quickly cause ice build up and create other safety concerns.

Defective Materials May Require Repiping of Your Home

When homes are built, the plumbing is generally done at one time. Faulty materials used in one section of the home are often found in others. PVC pipes that display manufacturing flaws, could be found throughout the house.

Leaks that are caused by flawed pipes should not be considered an isolated case. The rest of the plumbing system should be inspected for similar flaws. If they are found in multiple locations, you should consider repiping your house. Poorly installed plumbing will also require repiping as well.

Repiping is not cheap and professionals know when it should be done and also when it’s not required. Leaks are an indicator that there may be problems in the plumbing that require repiping to be done. If you have multiple or reoccurring leaks, then you should consult with a licensed plumber like Total Plumbing Orlando to see if repiping will provide the solution you need. We’re easy to reach at (407) 435-9807.

Why Hire a Licensed Orlando Plumber for Leaks?

That slow drip in the sink may be easy to ignore, but it shouldn’t be;  leaking faucets and pipes should be taken care of by a licensed Orlando plumber as soon as possible.

Homeowners often make the mistake of trying to patch up leaks themselves or hire unlicensed handymen.

Mold and mildew can develop when a leak has gone undetected or is ignored. This creates a very dangerous health hazard for the residents. Leaks can also cause wood rot, weakening the wood and potentially causing structural problems.

Why Choose A Licensed Orlando Plumber?

A licensed Orlando plumber is trained in how to identify signs of mold, mildew, and other forms of water damage.

There are many reasons that leaks can occur. Licensed plumbers know all of these sources from damaged pipes, faulty installation, or pressure related ruptures. Hiring a licensed plumber ensures that the reasons for the leak are fully explored and remedied. Saving money on unlicensed plumbers, or doing it yourself, does not save money if leaks continue after the work has been done.

A Licensed Orlando Plumber is Held To Higher Standards

When work is done, a licensed Orlando plumber is held to the highest standards. They know the latest safety codes and regulations. Some work may require inspections and if the latest codes are not followed, the homeowner may be required to have the work redone. This costs more money, increases frustration, and consumes more time. This can be avoided if the work is done by a licensed professional.

Licensed plumbers also provide homeowners with a piece of mind. Every day homeowners are ripped off by unlicensed handymen. Homeowners are scammed out of their money, work is left incomplete, or even finished poorly. Do not become a victim; hiring a licensed Orlando plumber provides safeguards against scams. Homeowners should also be aware that warranties can be voided if work on water heaters or other appliances are performed by a non-licensed plumber.

Licensed plumbers are tested, fully trained, and constantly retrained to keep up on latest trends, processes, and safety codes. They are able to identify problems that most non-licensed plumbers could miss. With their knowledge and experience, the professional licensed plumber is the best tool a homeowner has when dealing with leaks or any other plumbing issues.

Total Plumbing Orlando is a fully licensed and extremely experienced Orlando plumber that you can trust. Our reputation is on the line with every call we receive. Call us today at (407) 435-9807 for prompt, professional service.

Common Plumbing Needs in Your Home

With home ownership come many responsibilities; one of the most common aspects that most property owners have to deal with is the plumbing needs of the building. The different types of situations that may require a plumber are as varied as the causes of the situation.

Whether you’re simply looking to update your water system to a more modern technology or resolve a blockage within the sewer line, a plumbing professional can ensure that the problem is resolved in a competent manner.

In a newer building, some of the more common tasks that may require a plumbing technician include fixing or replacing leaky pipes, clearing out blocked systems or simply flushing out specific blockages within the overall piping.

Regardless of all the care taken to install quality products during the construction of a new building, mistakes and mishaps do occur. A faulty pipe or a leak can cause significant damage to a building and if not resolved promptly can cause more damage. If something results in a blocked drain, a plumber has the experience and tools needed to ensure a smoothly flowing water system.

Older buildings have their own special issues associated with them when it comes to plumbing concerns. One such project may require a total re-installation or re-piping within the property. A plumber can ensure that the products installed meet the highest quality for long lasting usage.

Older homes are more susceptible to freezing pipes (yes, even in Florida) which may cause bursts within the water line. A professional plumber technician can fix these problems to minimize the effect on the household. Tree roots can invade a sewage system resulting in blockages that can prevent using the bathrooms. With a qualified plumber, this problem can be easily resolved.

If you have experienced or are dealing with any of these issues in your home now, please call us at (407) 435-9807 and ask for our professional opinion. We’re in business to serve and are standing by to help resolve your plumbing issues.

Plumber Services: Total Plumbing Orlando Provides The Total Package

Homeowners usually end up needing plumber services because a plumbing emergency arises suddenly. Orlando homeowners don’t have to worry about who to call because Total Plumbing Orlando is ready when you need us. Some common situations that require plumber services include:

When your old pipes are ready to retire, Total Plumbing Orlando is a re-pipe specialist ready to replace worn out or weakened pipes. Do not wait for an emergency eruption or come home to a foot of water in your living room. We will inspect existing pipes to determine potential problems and recommend a course of action before disaster strikes.

With extensive experience in home building, Total Plumbing Orlando provides kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. Whether it is installing or relocating a sink in the kitchen, converting the tub to a shower, or installing new fixtures, you can be sure that our plumber services will work quickly to restore your family’s routine.

Total Plumbing Orlando also offers water heater sales and installation. If your water heater is not working, it may just need a new heating element. However, if you need a new water heater, buy one from an outside supplier or from us, and we will install it.

Drain cleaning may be necessary when gunky buildup narrows or clogs drainpipes. Sewer lines, obstructed by tree roots, can stop working properly. Sometimes a septic tank system will not have enough drainage, causing putrid sewage to come back in through your drains.

Total Plumbing Orlando’s sewer and drain repair service can unclog pipes, repair sewer lines and add additional sewer drainage for efficient waste and water disposal. If you have dropped jewelry down a drain, call us and our technician will use a fiber optic video inspection camera to find and retrieve it.

If your toilet is rocking, leaking, or clogged, Total Plumbing Orlando can fix it. If your old toilet wastes too much water, our plumber services offers environmentally-friendly toilets that can reduce your water bill and help save water.

For quality plumber services you can rely on, Total Plumbing Orlando is the total package for your plumbing needs. Call us at (407) 435-9807 for immediate service.

Why Total Plumbing Orlando is Your Best Choice When The Plumbing Leaks

We’re not impartial but Total Plumbing Orlando is your best choice to call when you have a plumbing emergency. However, when you stop to think about it, most people only consider contacting a plumbing service when the plumbing leaks, drains clog or some other plumbing catastrophe occurs.

Unfortunately, that may be the only time they check into the qualifications of the plumber, too. Some companies emphasize their plumbing skills. Others try to rely on a good sales pitch to promote their services.

However, some companies not only know what they are doing and do it well, but also keep customer service as a prime concern. Total Plumbing Orlando, a licensed Florida contractor, is one of those companies. They provide quality service throughout the four-county Orlando metro area.

Why would Total Plumbing Orlando be your best choice?

There are several good reasons:

  • Total Plumbing Orlando does new plumbing construction in addition to repairs. What this means is that they understand how plumbing systems are built in relationship to other system in your building. A licensed contractor offers a better perspective on repair solutions.
  • Total Plumbing Orlando is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You won’t have to wait until the next day to get your water back up and running.
  • Their vehicles are fully stocked with the supplies they will need. This allows them to get the job done quickly and correctly.
  • Total Plumbing Orlando are also house re-piping specialists. If the job requires a full piping replacement, their expertise in construction and knowledge of carpentry and other building trades guarantees the best possible work.
  • They offer a wide selection of plumbing services. Not only can they fix your leak, but they can also install kitchen sink plumbing, water heaters, kitchen and bathroom remodels and clear clogged drains.
  • Total Plumbing Orlando is licensed and insured, which is important for homeowner and customer protection.

Total Plumbing Orlando Guarantees and Warrants Their Work

You should also consider service after the sale. Total Plumbing Orlando guarantees and warrants each job performed. Additionally, their service personnel can offer helpful tips that can keep the problem from happening again, if possible. In fact, their website at contains how-to tips and articles that provide great information for homeowners.

The team at Total Orlando Plumbing works hard to earn your trust and gain your confidence by giving you the best service possible. You can count on them to over-deliver on the results that you deserve.