Orlando Toilet Plumbing Part 2

More Toilet Plumbing Problems And Solutions In Orlando

A Partial Toilet Flush

Your flapper valve could be lowering too quickly or it may be waterlogged. Remove the lid to the tank. Flush your toilet and observe the flapper as it operates. It should remain in a raised position while most of the water drains out of the tank. If you flapper drops too soon, you may need to replace it. This is one of the most frequent toilet plumbing complaints.

A Drop in Toilet Bowl Water Levels

A drop in the water level after a flush, could be caused by a clog in the bowl colon. You can use a flashlight and a mirror to check for this situation. Use a small plastic container to empty your toilet bowl of water. Turn on your flashlight and your mirror to get a closer look inside the toilet colon.

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A Whistling Toilet

Older ball cock valves that have a ball float can cause whistling sounds as the toilet fills with water. When the ball float raises and closes the fill valve, it can cause vibrations which produce a whistling sound. Consider replacing your older valves with one that remains wide open until the tank is full. Visit your local hardware or home improvement store and speak with a service person about the best product for your toilet plumbing situation or call your trained plumbing professionals at Total Plumbing Orlando.

A Dripping Toilet Tank

A dripping sound in your toilet tank can be caused by a poorly fitting fill valve. The fill valve is a flexible tube that is connected to the lower part of the valve and runs into the overflow tube. Most newer toilets have a clip that secures the tubing to the overflow tube. Check to see whether you have one and that is secured into place.

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