Orlando Toilet Plumbing Part 1

Common Toilet Plumbing Problems And Their Solutions In Orlando: Part 1

We get questions about common toilet plumbing problems all the time, so we decided we would post a few of those problems and their solutions.

A Weak Flush

Older toilets that were manufactured before 1994 may be prone to collecting hard water deposits. Check the siphon jet hole and the holes around the rim of the bowl. Carefully use a small wood stick or toothpicks to remove the deposits. Your toilet could also have a clog located downstream in the pipe system. You can check this by quickly adding water to the bowl. Fill a five gallon bucket with tap water. Pour the contents of the bucket into the bowl. Observe the flush that takes place. If the flush is strong, the probability of a clog is low. If the water comes back into the bowl, and drains at a slow rate, you most likely have a clog in the system. These are good rules of thumb for toilet plumbing. Use a plunger to try to dislodge it from the pipe and force it through the line.  If you cannot fix this toilet plumbing problem like this, you might want to call Total Plumbing Orlando.

Toilet Plumbing Primer: A “Ghost Flush”

A Ghost Flush

There are some situations where the toilet tank will fill up with water when it has not been flushed. If this is occurring, there is probably a leak in the tank. You can perform a food coloring test to check for a leak. Flush your toilet and allow enough time for the tank water to stop filling the bowl. Add a few drops of food coloring to the water in the toilet. Wait about ten minutes and then observe the water in the bowl. Check to see that the water is still colored. If the color remains in the water, your flapper may not be properly sealing. Your toilet repair job may mean replacing the flapper.

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If you are constantly having problems with your toilet plumbing, call Total Plumbing Orlando today.

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